Meet Giovanni, frontend developer at HL Design!

Publicerad: torsdag 21 apr 2022

Today we are welcoming Giovanni Iacoletti to our team. Giovanni works as a front-end developer and his job is to make sure our customers' website designs are turned into live websites. Keep reading to learn a bit more about him! 

Hi Giovanni! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Giovanni lacoletti, I was born in Naples, Italy, and I’m currently living in Stockholm. I came to Sweden out of passion and love for the country, and because the IT industry is highly advanced, where I hope to grow and learn about the latest technologies.

When I don’t work I like playing videogames and to explore the surrounding forests and nature. I love animals and I am pleased with the overall respect for nature Sweden has.


What are your main responsibilities here at HL Design?

I work as a front-end developer at HL Design, so my responsibilities are to ensure our customers’ website designs are turned into live websites.


What do you look forward to the most at HL?

I hope to learn and grow professionally in this wonderful company with a great team. I look forward to becoming a great member my team can count on.


Do you have any hidden talent?

I wouldn’t call it a “talent”, but I am a lucid dreamer.


Thank you, Giovanni! 

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