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Industry PhD – Växjö

Vision and Goal – Smarter Campaigns

WM3 Multishop is a concept created for companies and organizations that want to create networks of web shops that synchronize information at several levels. The information that is synchronized is everything from orders to products, customers, promotions, prices and stock balance. The network of web shops is built up through WM3 Multishop and its API-integrated web shops or through the implementation of scripts on external web shops that enable even greater upscaling and faster data collection. The vision is that shared information can boost and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) support features that are known in ecommerce, but usually suffer from the so-called cold start problem: big data needs to be collected first before AI models can be trained and effectively exploited. With the novel multishop concept, similar shops can share their AI support and benefit from Big Data even if each individual shop only can collect a small amount of data.

Field of subject for the position: Computer Science

Placement: HL Design & Media AB in Växjö in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, at Linnaeus University in Växjö.
Extent: 100%

Work description

HL Design's goal is to offer our customers a product that through data analysis and insights helps them optimize their e-commerce investment.
HL Design expects to create following benefits for their customers:

  • Increased revenue through more accurate and successfull campaigns 
  • Reduced costs through automation
  • Increased revenue through higher conversion rate
  • Increased knowledge of their target customers demands
  • Immediate insights on product trends 
  • Improved product range

Duties consist mainly of the following:

Graduate studies in the field of Computer Science, with a doctoral degree as the goal. The PhD thesis should be completed and defended within the official appointment duration of five years (20% research education, 60% work related to the research area, 20% other work for HL Design).

  • Research in the field Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Content Management.
  • Regularly present intermediate research results at international conferences, workshops and publish them in conference proceedings and journals.

General entry requirements

  • has been awarded a second-cycle qualification
  • has satisfied the requirements for courses comprising at least 240 credits of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

Specific entry requirements

  • approved courses of a minimum of 90 credits in the subject Computer and Information Science or the equivalent
  • an individual study project of a minimum of 15 credits in the subject Computer and Information Science, or the equivalent.

Assessment criteria

Good programming skills (in for example Java, C#, Ruby or Python), and a solid training in mathematics and theoretical computer science. Documented expertise and working experience within at least two of the following research and educational areas is a great advantage:

  • Big data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Content Management
  • Parallel processing

Because of the interdisciplinary character of the project and LNUC DISA (, the candidate should be an enthusiastic person who is interested in making sense of large and complex data sets of various types as well as capable of working both independently and within a group. Teamwork experiences should be documented in the application.

High proficiency in written and spoken English is required. Much of the research will be conducted in collaboration with industry, so some proficiency in Swedish (understanding written text) is highly desired.

Applicants will be selected through a qualitative overall assessment of the competences and skills, assessed most suitable to conduct research and to contribute to a successful development of the research environment.

About HL Design

HL Design is a web agency and a product company with office in Växjö. HL Design is a value-creating partners who help customers with digital communication in the form of, among other things websites, web shops, digital marketing, branding and strategies. 
The company is divided into two Business Units: Agency and WM3 (CMS and e-commerceplatform).

About WM3

WM3 Shop is a complete CMS and e-commerce platform for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). The platform is fully integrated with many of the market's most popular business systems, payment solutions and logistics systems, which saves both time and money as duplication of work is avoided.
With WM3 Multishop, our customers may create several integrated web shops with a common or partially common product range, stock, order management, distribution, payment solution and prices linked to one and the same PIM system. WM3 Multishop provides a fast, convenient, friction-free and automatically updated sales channel for existing and potential resellers.
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Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications

The rapid development of sensors, computing, communication, and storage technologies provides us with access to previously unknown amounts of data—Big Data. It has revolutionized research communities and their scientific methodologies and innovated the approaches to knowledge and theory building, validation, and exploitation in the Sciences and the Humanities. With the foundation of a Linnaeus University Center on “Data Intensive Sciences and Applications” (DISA, in Jan 2017, Big Data has officially become a research profile at Linnaeus University. xxx is working in close collaboration DISA and are a part of the industry graduate school for Data Intensive Applications (
For more information, please contact

Henrik Löwenadler,
+46 703580852

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Application should be submitted online no later than xxxx–xx-xx. The application must include a cover letter (with a motivation why the candidate wants to pursue this PhD project), a resume and the contact information of two referees. In addition, a link to the candidate’s Master’s thesis should be provided.









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